Shopping for a Sanyo Vacuum Cleaner? Gator is the place! We have been family owned & operated for over 25 years!


Find a variety of replacement parts for Sanyo vacuums such as bags, belts, filters, and offer expert repair. Sanyo's mission is to be, "an indispensable element in the lives of people all over the world by delivering unique and total sustainable solutions that enhance all lifestyles and industries."

Sanyo vacuums continue to be engineered using cutting-edge energy and environmental technologies. Sanyo vacuums plan to assist the renewable energy revolution through a partnership with the University of California, San Diego which is well known for its sustainable research and technologies.

Visit Gator Vacuum & Sewing Co. for service, repair or replacement parts and accessories for Sanyo vacuum cleaners.

Sanyo Vacuum Repair - Broward and Palm Beach County

Are you having problems with your Sanyo vacuum cleaner? Lack of suction, burning smell, clogged hose? We fix it all!


FREE Vacuum Cleaner Repair Estimate Bring you vacuum cleaner in and we'll provide you with a FREE Repair Estimate. If you decide not to have your old Sanyo vacuum repaired, we have a large selection of new vacuum cleaners to choose from. Our service technicians have years of experience & are often able to diagnose repair issues on the spot. No matter if the vacuum requires a new Brush Roller, Electrical Cord or Replacement Part; Gator Vacuum can get the job done!

Top Reasons to Have Gator Vacuum & Sewing CO. Repair Your Vacuum Cleaner

No Suction • You Begin to Lose Suction • Your Vacuum Hose is Clogged or Clogging More Frequently • Burning Smell Coming from the Motor • Your Vacuum Will Not Start • Your Vacuum Will Not Stop • Broken Attachments or Brush Roller • Excessive Hair Preventing Moving Parts from Functioning Properly, etc.